Nicoline Prinsloo was a six time Fred Astaire Champion while dancing and teaching at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. She has been dancing for 15 years and has had training with numerous World renowned Professionals and World Champions.

Nicoline and her husband Shaun Prinsloo opened their first dance studio in 2004.

They have travelled to Argentina; Bahamas and Las Vegas for dance competitions.

We have won numerous awards from “Top Studio” at the World Pro-Am Championships in Argentina in 2007 to 3rd in Latins and 4th in Ballrooms at the World Pro-Am Championships and 1st and 2nd in Exhibitions Showcases in Las Vegas 2012.

SuperDance Studio teaches different styles of dances ranging from Sokkie, Two-step; Ballroom; Latin and even Salsa and Argentine Tango.

Wedding choreography and Showcase dancing are but a few of our Professional services that we offer.

We specialize in Pro-Am dancing where we the Professionals dance with you as a beginner to advanced levels.

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